Weststar -The Power of Branding

Maxus Fleet

LDV Maxus remains a strong brand name in the UK and other parts of Europe.In Malaysia most people refer to the vehicle as Weststar Maxus.Like other automotive products such as Tata, Mahindra and Naza, the Maxus is popular among the local Malaysians as just Weststar.

If you read my article entitled ” The Power of Brand.Has Weststar an Emotional Value?” you will find an interesting account how the company managed to bundle up its other core businesses by a single brand name, Weststar.Weststar carries its weight in construction, insurance,automotive, engineering and aviation.

Now Weststar LDV Distributors Sdn Bhd has changed its name to Weststar Maxus Distributors Sdn Bhd to reflect the transformation from the old LDV to the all brand new Maxus V80. Weststar will retain its Weststar Maxus logo. whilst the chinese introduce a new maxus logo embeded on the front grill of the new Maxus.

Original Chinese Maxus logo

The Company has also set up a new corporate website at http://www.weststar.com.my to allow sharing of more information on the group activities.


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