Weststar Maxus Distributors

Weststar Showroom (at Night)

Weststar Maxus Distributors Sdn Bhd (formerly Weststar LDV Distributor) is a subsidiary of Weststar Group of Companies. Incorporated in Malaysia, it is a Bumiputra major supplier of automotive products and services. Our core business is marketing and sales of Weststar Maxus Vans –all variants and for various applications.

Transportation solutions and some of the product variants offered include:
Passenger Van 10,12,15 Seaters
Commercial Van
Ambulances type A,B and C
Emergency Medical Services
Fire & Rescue Van
Prisoners Carriere
Mobile Police Station
Mobile Laboratory
Mobile Post Office
Mobile Dental Clinic
Custom Monitoring Unit
Forensic Vehicle Information & Broadcasting
Military and Security Van
Big Bike Transporter
Hearse Van

Weststar Maxus Van is locally assembled and all these variants are CKD.

The Maxus comes in different lengths and roof heights, making it a great option for many types of businesses.

The real draw for these vans though has to be the amazing low cost of ownership, compared with similar specification vehicles from other manufacturers.

The MAXUS 3.5T van has a bigger side and rear door and with the MAXUS van range there is a choice of two roof heights, two wheelbase lengths.

The MAXUS Van gives you the best of both worlds combining the load carrying functionality of a van with the people carrying comfort of a Minibus.

MAXUS vans have a payload of more than 1 ton. The MAXUS van can carry a payload of up to 1,616Kg which is 248Kg more than (equivalent) 311 MWB Sprinter. MAXUS vans also have a steel bulkhead as standard across the MAXUS van range.

MAXUS vans have highly efficient 2.5 CDi, common rail, direct injection, turbocharged, intercooler engines all with high torque at low engine speeds. Test-drive a MAXUS van today.

For more information you can visit our website at:
http:// http://www.weststarldv.com ,
or call the following contact at :
Weststar Maxus Distributor Sdn Bhd.
Tel 03-2143 3331
Fax 03- 2143 3332.

Contact persons:
Zyed Ahmad Hassan (Senior General Manager-Sales & Marketing )
Ibrahim Saari ( Manager-Government Sales)
Simon Muthu (GM -Corporate & Retail Sales)
Siew (Sales Manager- Showroom & Dealer Sales)
Ismail ( Branch Sales Manager- Johor Bahru)

List of Sales Consultants:
Lynn 0132395138 (For all government & public sector)

Retail ,Commercial & Corporate,
Syed Mahboob (Syed) 0122160896
Ismail Ibrahim (Al) 0166216666 (JB Branch Manager)
Shaiza Adzha (Izat) 0133727394
Shamir Izak Sinnapan Abdullah(Shamir) 0123382670


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