Maxus Applications – Parcel and Delivery Van

Parcel and Delivery Van
Now you can depend on Weststar Maxus Distributors to provide innovative parcel and package delivery vans to deliver your products to your customers on-time, every time. A Weststar Maxus parcel delivery van offers your drivers easy access to packages and cargo, maximum comfort and safety and a customized cargo area. It has great volume and you can stuff in as many parcels.

Our walk-in van bodies are designed, engineered and custom built to tackle any parcel or package delivery challenge your business might have. You may load your parcels from side doors or rear door.

You may choose from full blind panel for security reason or glass up part of the side walls whatever your choice.

The LWB version of the Maxus has an internal load width of 1770mm and a distance of 1385mm between the wheel arches. The Maxus gross vehicle weight is 3.5 tonne and is capable of carrying a payloads ranging from 917kg to a maximum of 1,616Kg. The van’s maximum interior volume is 11.4m3.


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