New Weststar Maxus V80 Specification


1.0 General

– Make – Weststar Maxus V80
– Model – LWBMRSSD
– Heavy-duty load carrying van chassis single sliding door locally assembled.
– The chassis are from latest 2012 model.
– Fitted for right hand steering and controls.
– All internal fittings/ fixtures are fastened with anti corrosion fastener in a manner that shall preclude
loosening or separation.
– All vehicles supplied meet all regulations/ acts set by Road Transport Department of Malaysia.

2.0 Weights and Dimensions

– Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) – 3,500 kg
– Payload – 1,300 kg
– Front Axle Rating – 1,850 kg
– Rear Axle Rating – 2,120 kg
– Kerb Weight – 2,200 kg
– Overall Length – 5,700 mm
– Overall Height – 2,345 mm
– Wheelbase – 3,850 mm
– Overall Width – 2,383 mm
– Interior Height – 1,710 mm

3.0 Engine

– Type – 4 Cylinder 2.5L, CDI Diesel, Twin Camshaft

16 Valve, Turbo Intercooler Commonrail Injection
– Capacity – 2,499 c.c.
– Horsepower – 136 hp (100kW) @ 3800 rpm
– Maximum Torque – 330 Nm @ 1800 rpm
– Emission Standard – Euro 4 Green Engine Aluminium Cylinder
Head with Cast Iron Block
– Compression Ratio – 17.5 : 1
– Fuel Consumption – 9.1-9.3 litre/100km on comprehensive mode
6.0 litre/100km on combined mode

4.0 Transmission
– General – The transmission fitted is a robust type and be able to
transmit the maximum engine torque under all circumstances and to withstand occasional use on off-roads
tropical conditions. This transmission offer excellent smoothness, closed ratio, long life, reliability and
low maintenance.

– Type – Heavy duty 5 speed manual transmission.
– Ratio – 1st – 3.769
2nd – 2.105
3rd – 1.300
4th – 0.941
5th – 0.750
Final – 4.188
Reverse – 3.167

5.0 Suspension

– Front – Mc Pherson strut front suspension complete with
shock absorber and stabilizer for better road holding and reduce roll

– Rear – Heavy duty leaf spring rear suspension system for
maximum comfort during empty and adequate strong
spring when laden.

6.0 Brakes

– System configuration – Front & rear discs, park brake in drum. Brake
boosted with A.B.S & Brake Force Controller
– Front Brakes – 294 mm
– Rear Brakes – 304 mm

7.0 Steering
– Type – Power assisted rack and pinion
– Turning – 14.8 m (wall to wall)

8.0 Wheel and Tyre

– Tyre Size – Tubeless 215/75 R16
– Load Rating – 104/102
– Wheel Size – 16” X 6”

9.0 Electrical System

– Type Fully tropicalised, 12VDC electrical system
– Battery Capacity – 100 Ah
– Alternator – 120 A
– Wiring – 12V Negative earth return system.

10.0 Running Equipment and Fittings
– LED Headlamps, side lamps, tail lamps, stop lamps, number plate lamps, reflectors, LED reverse lights,
hazard warning lights.
– Flashing direction indicators at front, side and rear of vehicle with self canceling device.
– Loud vehicle electrical horn.
– Heavy-duty three speed twin electric windscreen wipers with intermittent.
– One rear view mirror in cab and two external side/rear view mirror.
– Speedometer and tachometer in metric.
– Radio cassette and MP3 player.
– Dip switch and high beam indicator light.
– Two internal sun visors with documents slot.
– Standard safety belts for driver and passenger seat. Safety belt shall conform to Malaysian Standard MS No
– Standard set of driver’s toolkit including jack, wheel brace and reflective safety triangle.
– A 12-hour clock shall be fitted in the driver’s instrument panel.
– Front and rear registration number plates bearing the correct registration number.

11.0 Air-Conditioning

– The CFC-free type air-conditioning system in the driver and passenger’s compartment.
– The system is able to maintain the interior temperature within a comfort zone of approximately 22 ±1 degree
Celsius. Passenger’s compartment aircond are from eyeball diffuser outlet type and have separate thermostat

12.0 Passenger Compartment.

12.1 Driver and Passengers Seat

– Individual reclining seat with high quality fabric finishing by APM/ TKH or equivalent complete with
individual seat belt and adjustable seat on last row.

– Complete seat foam material and fabric comply with FMVSS207 seam fatigue and testile test.

– Standard fabric with PU/ PVC finishing unless special order depending on quantity and availability.

– Accessories – Rear grip, magazine pocket netting, foldable foot rest, hand rest and seat belts.

– Seat arrangement – 15 seats, 2+3+3+3+4 row arrangement
12 eats, 2+3+3+4 row arrangement

12.2 Floor

– Constructed with 10 mm resin bonded plywood or equivalent material situated on top of a steel base and
covered with heavy-duty non-slip/corrosive material with skating, which is durable, easy to clean and to

12.3 Doors

– Sliding door opening on the left, which provide opening of a minimum 1000 mm wide. Rear door(s) opening is
1200 mm in height and 1300 mm in width.

12.4 Windows

– Electrical power window in the driver’s compartment and sliding type manual window in the passenger
– All window are tinted comply with road transport act/regulation i.e light and equivalent UV/heat reduction.

13.0 Painting, colour and finishing
– The vehicle to be given a rust proofing treatment finished with at least 3 coats of paint (inclusive of the
primer undercoat).
– The colour scheme and signage/wording shall be notified by the user.
– Designed pattern of the vehicle shall comply with customer requirements.

14.0 Acts and Regulations

– The vehicle to be supplied shall conform to the current Road Transport Acts and Regulations in Malaysia.

15.0 Literature

– The vehicle to be provided with the following literature:
a. Driver’s Handbook/Operator’s Manual.
b. Service Manual.
c. Audio Handbook

16.0 Warranty

– A warranty of 36 months or 100,000 km whichever come first.
– The vehicle is to be provided with warranty card. The card is to show the effective date/mileage/time when
the warranty period commences and types of free service provided by the contractor during the warranty period.
– Refer to Warranty Policy attached.


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