Maxus Purposeful Vehicle

Built by Professional For Professional

We are pleased to introduce the light commercial vehicle that begins and ends with your needs; the vehicle with a striking, purposeful appearance which gives a sense of movement that carries through into the unique style of the high comfort cab that flows around you providing the ultimate working environment. This vehicle is the result of a £500 million development programme – this is MAXUS.

SAIC have gone to excessive lengths to reproduce this stunning range built for professionals which is new from the ground up and includes a stylish yet functional workstation, electric mirrors and windows, the comfort of a sculpted driver’s seat with excellent lateral support and an efficient double blower air conditioning system. All of this combines to balance business with pleasure perfectly.

With this refinement comes true strength; the rigid body construction ensures a solid passenger safety cell around which energy absorbing zones work to offer even further protection. ABS, EBD, power steering and driver’s airbag all add reassurance and increase your sense of safety.

Security is an important aspect in this new generation of vehicle, which features new approved immobilisers, remote central locking with reinforced lock mountings, fully shielded latches and operating mechanisms. MAXUS benefits from a class leading load height, cube and side load door width, two roof heights, two GVW’s and two wheelbase lengths.

Up front you have the power of a highly efficient 2.5 CDi, common rail, direct injection, turbo charged, intercool unit. A sophisticated powerhouse that neatly delivers increased performance, high torque at low engine speeds, greater combustion efficiency and faster engine warm up whilst cutting down noise, vibration and fuel bills.

To ensure superior handling you also have the efficiency of front wheel drive, responsive power steering and a suspension system engineered to blend high quality ride comfort with maximum load carrying capability up to an impressive 1616kg.Front Mac pherson and double steel leaf rear suapension ensure suspension rigidity and comfortability.

The most important thing you will place in MAXUS is trust. Experienced LDV professionals work hand-in-hand with a new generation of automotive experts to achieve the highest standards ever. Now a new chinese team backed by rigorous quality control procedures and world class manufacturing facilities is doing the same or even better.


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