Maxus Applications – Passanger Window Van

Passanger Vehicle

The van has become a favourite with Government agencies and numerous other Government Departments, the Military and Police Force services. The van is also a popular model with tour companies. The van provides up to 15 passengers with ample leg space and head room. We offer standard passenger van as well as VIP coach.

Maxus Window Van

Performance wise, Maxus vans are fitted with 2.5 litre CDi common rail, direct injection, turbo charged, intercooled engines, with power rating of 134bhp. The engines are up to scratch and powerful enough for comfortably carting heavy loads onboard. You can be assured of loaded van climbing Genting highland without much problem.

Passanger Van

The Maxus offers a great load space with a choice of 2 roof heights 1710mm for the medium roof van and 1925mm for the hi-roof version. Currently we have a Long Wheel Base (LWB) version which is 3850mm long and has an internal load length of 3355mm.
The LWB version of the Maxus has an internal load width of 1770mm and a distance of 1385mm between the wheel arches.

The Maxus gross vehicle weight is 3.5 tonne and is capable of carrying a payloads ranging from 917kg to a maximum of 1,616Kg. The van’s maximum interior volume is 11.4m3.

The Maxus 2 man cab area is roomy with a 5 speed gear lever mounted on the dashboard, which allow unrestricted access across the cab. The instrument dashboard is symmetrically located for easy conversion of left hand to right hand drive. However, there is no need to explore to that extend since, Maxus offers both Left hand Drive and Right Hand Driver vehicles.


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