Maxus Applications – Mobile Postal Van

Mobile Postal Van

Over 20 units of fully functioning mobile post offices are serving rural communities across the country. A dedicated rural mobile comes fully equipped with everything you would expect to see in your local post office.

Customers make transaction via the side counter. The unit can accommodate up to four adults, 2 in the cab and 2 in the operation office or the counter in the rear. The interior is fully insulated and air conditioned for the comfort of the counter clerk. Customers stand outside on the left side of the vehicle where the counter is located. The vehicle is fitted with extendable awning on the left side to provide shade for customers against sunshine or light rain.

Security and power provisions are crucial for the service to operate in remote locations. A fully independent inverter system is installed to transfer power from the onboard auxiliary batteries into mains voltage to power the equipment. Based on customer’s specification and requirement, a standby gen set is an equally efficient source of power for static operation. A standby generator set installed in the side of the van. It operates the printer, fax and horizon computer which provides customers with the full range of services available at a ‘normal’ post office.”

A number of covert security features, tinted glazing, security netting and a wide entrance step with secure grab rails are fitted to provide a safe and secure environment for the staff.

To accommodate a seamless service, GSM mobile communication is installed for use in remote locations. Information can then be transferred while at the remote location via a wireless modem and then fully downloaded when the vehicle returns to base, where the auxiliary batteries are recharged overnight.


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