Maxus Applications – Ambulance


Weststar Maxus has won over RM 40 million order to supply more than 200 Maxus-based ambulances. Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defence Malaysia have ordered the ambulance to serve as patient transfer vehicles and these specialist vehicles are also widely used by private hospitals and other healthcare providers in Malaysia and Brunei.

Fleet of Ambulances Type B

We built and supply Ambulances type A, B and C based on Malaysian Ministry of Health ambulance specifications. All ambulances have the following fitted or supplied :Emergency and trauma kit (EMTS), foldable wheel chair, spinal board, scoop stretcher, primary stretcher and oxygen tank. This is the basic equipment for Ambulance type C.

Inside the Ambulance

For type B you will have additional equipment like oxygen resuscitator, portable suction machine,automated external defibrillator, vital sign transport monitor,immobilization kit, handheld pulse oxymeter and sharp container.
Whilst the type A ambulance has more equipment including portable automatic ventilator, paramedic suite helmet,safety boot, glucometer, triage card and dead body management kit.


Basically each ambulance has storage cabinets for storage of first aid cases, medical equipment, instruments and supplies. A wash hand basin, paramedic seat and three (3) swivel seats with fold-flat function which can be converted into another temporary additional stretcher.

We also provide dual outlets oxygen pipeline system complete with hose assembly and probe. There is oxygen cylinder (based on specification), single flow meter with fixed probe, single stage regulator and pin index and oxygen adult facemask with 2mm tubing.
A bar light system with long range optical signal, loud acoustic sound, controller, an amplifier PA system siren and speaker, two red probe warning lights at front grille and two red probe warning lights at centre roof side left and right. You may opt other light combination.


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