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Business Evolution For Sustainable Growth

Text : Zyed Ahmad The problems most companies are facing are poor financial management, poor attitude of employees and to some extend the owners or employer and lack of proper system and processes. Where shareholders are not well versed in … Continue reading

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Konsep Pembelian Van

Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan Perkhimatan Van di Malaysia kini telah bertambah baik walaupun jumlah keseluruhan van yang dipasarkan di Malaysia hanya sekitar 5000 unit setahun. Terdapat pelbagai jenis van dan keupayaan pembekal… Source: Konsep Pembelian Van

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Global Komited Leapfrogged to New Height

Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan Ever thought of getting you special automotive applications done under the same roof? Global Komited offer you a solution from budget planning for your end product, design, fabrication, installation and commissioning. A pool of talented mechanical, … Continue reading

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Maxus V80 Integrated Unibody for Safety and Stability

Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan Photo: Weststar Brochure In early days almost every motor vehicle had a frame. As technology advances cars migrated to unibody construction. Most of us are familiar with the ladder frame chassis construction as it is associated with … Continue reading

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Weststar Maxus Nato Stock Number YA866

Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan I have been in Jakarta for holidays and played few round of golf in Surabaya.I certainly not going there for a vacation this time. I will miss a lot of things..but there is always another time. … Continue reading

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Maxus V80 A Great Transformation

The Maxus V80 is generally a new product, transformed from the battered LDV to greatly improved technologies. I have observed the new Van with interest and some of the tour guys who had added to their fleet this new Maxus … Continue reading

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Greetings from the management of Weststar Group of Companies.We are proud to introduce an  interesting new model of Weststar Maxus  and would like  to share with you  the benefits of owning and using this product to further improve  your mobility, … Continue reading

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