Global Komited Leapfrogged to New Height

Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan

Ever thought of getting you special automotive applications done under the same roof? Global Komited offer you a solution from budget planning for your end product, design, fabrication, installation and commissioning. A pool of talented mechanical, electrical, design engineers and quality assurance personnel is ready to work through your requirement.

Scope of business include marketing and sales of commercial and specialized vehicles, equipment, accessories,and spare parts.The core activity is dedicated to  engineering design of special applications besides providing  technical development, assembly, system integration, specifications and after sales services.

Global Komited is a new ,young and vibrant company. Nevertheless,  it has a supply track record of a variety of specialized vehicles. If 6 years is considered too short to acclaim a success factor, look at what  it has produced and benefited the industry particularly the public sector.

I have been involved in this public sector  for some time and you will appreciate the work done has crossed beyond marketing our own product, the Maxus V80 Van. Customers have gained absolutely different experience when they decided to buy our Isuzu DMax 4×4 Ambulance and Toyota Hilux 4×4 Ambulance, Toyota and Isuzu General Service Cargo. More interestingly, specialized vehicles using Maxus platform have gained wide acceptance in the Malaysian  market include Special Fire Investigation Vehicle, Breathing Apparatus Tender Vehicle, Rapid Rescue Vehicle,Mobile Police Station, Mobile Counters for Governments Statutory Bodies and Private Enterprises, Mobile Services,VIP Van, Hearse Van,Special Forces Van, Mobile Cash Transit, Armored Security Van, Mobile Clinic, Mobile Office, Broadcasting Van, Handicap Carrier Van, Command  and Surveillance Vehicle and Testing and Inspection Vehicle, just to mention a few.

In the Defense Security and Enforcement Industry, Global Komited have satisfactorily gained access through supply of Gun Tower, Weapon Platform, Aircraft Forward Recovery, Fitted For Radio( FFR), Starstreak Missile  and Armored Personnel Carriers,promoting commercial of the shelf Toyota Chassis.

Our network has also put into service Isuzu  General Service Cargo in the Police and Military Forces.Now the total supply is reaching 300 units and few hundreds more units are going into the service towards the end of the year. Not only that Global Komited has gone beyond the supply of Maxus Van in Malaysia, it has gained footing in supply of military vehicles to the neighbouring countries…more stories in the next article.

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