Global Komited For Your Next Appoinment

Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan

Photo: GK Gallery

Most readers knew about Weststar but little exposure about Global Komited. In the earlier part I did mentioned about Global Komited Sdn Bhd. Perhaps in the next few articles I will give readers more insights about this company which had already been in the Weststar Group for as long as the Group exists.

global komited

Global Komited focus on government supplies of basic and application vehicles , mainly automotive based. However, the company has made inroads into other diversified fields due to demand and current competitive business environment. Opportunities come when they are least expected and the company is able to handle and manage it well. As always marketing and good relations play a prominent role in securing such a deal.

Progress made by the company in the defense and security sector is highly commendable and more foreign partners are interested in making collaboration to tap on the great business potentials.Political chaos, if I can say, created opportunities for some and damage businesses for others. Global Komited dream of becoming a new infuencial player. Follow me in the next article.


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