Weststar Maxus Nato Stock Number YA866

Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan

I have been in Jakarta for holidays and played few round of golf in Surabaya.I certainly not going there for a vacation this time. I will miss a lot of things..but there is always another time. Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta is just a 2-hour flight and now the flight is affordable that everyone can fly.

My new message today is about Indo Defence 2012. Indo Defence 2012 is just around the corner. It is to be held at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta.For your information, this is Indonesia’s No.1 Tri Services Defence, Aerospace and Marine Industry Event. The organiser incorporates aerospace and maritime this time around because I think Indonesia wants to showcase some of the new products they are buying like the Submarine, German tanks and etc. Just like Malaysian DSA ,the Indo Defence is held every 2 years and this is the 5th event, where it first started in 2004.

The event is expected to attract 500 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and over 20,000 delegates and trade visitors.

Weststar will display its new Maxus V80. Our Nato Stock Code No is YA866. Though it is not a full military product, Indo Defence is a good platform to tell the world and especially visitors from Asian that we have this also defence-related product for their domestic use.Being in the big capacity van category, potential users will find this van very useful in many areas of work and activities including military applications.Back in Malaysia , Weststar has supplied to the Malaysian Army hundreds of Maxus Personal Transporters, Maxus Ambulances, and Maxus Surveillance Units.

This special event in Jakarta presents an ideal opportunity to the public and the military to enter into collaboration and joint ventures with us to market the product in their respective areas. If you read this article, if you are curious about Maxus V80 and if you are there, drop-by at our Booth A044. Let us chat, talk and discuss your needs. We will be in a win-win situation.See you there.

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