Maxus V80 A Great Transformation

The Maxus V80 is generally a new product, transformed from the battered LDV to greatly improved technologies. I have observed the new Van with interest and some of the tour guys who had added to their fleet this new Maxus V80 will agree with me. So far it performs very well and none of those issues they had if any, in the LDV, arise here in the Maxus V80.

In reality we have several types of people-users. Those who strongly support the product and the company program and those who strongly object. People with positive attitude will offer or find solutions to the problems and those with negative mindset and strong objections will always find ways to condemn or penalize the product or the other party. The ones on the fence are the non decisive people who do not have concrete goals and have poor planning about their future.

People do not buy certain product for one or several reasons.We have to respect their decision because the buying power is in their hands.Justification to buy is the prerogative of the buyer.What stop people from buying a product known to be versatile, practical and value for money? Honestly ,the salesman and the entire management of the company who sell the product can answer this question without any doubts.

In fact I have reasoned out at great length in my earlier article. If the management takes this issue lightly and treats it as trivial matters, they will have a long way to satisfy the customers. Implementing CRM and other transformation programs without proper monitoring does not mean anything. I came across many incidences where the staff of a company implementing the program called me (as customer) but gave up upon failure to communicate on first attempt. She or anybody else from the company abandon the follow-up.

My question. Are our clients haunted by past bad experience? Are they poor maintenance service, poor customer service, lack of spare parts, unskilled mechanics, or simply a hostile encounter or bad moment of truth!.Then, what have we done about it? Customers are counting the days when their wishes and expectations can be met by the company, before they come back.This is real because customers want the product and services they buy worth every cent of their money.

I hope you do not generalise the Maxus as a bad product. There are many good things about the Maxus over the few bad things people like to talk about.Man generally capture a lot of stories and images and the bad ones will stay longer in the mind than the beautiful ones.So it is no surprise that people keep on talking about the negatives and continue bashing the principal and the product without giving them a single credit.

Over the past one year, a lot of money has been spent on R&D to upgrade the machine.The transfer of technology from Britain and Italy to China had already a very powerful, positive and significant impact on the product in the global market. You can now see the products going strong and steady in Chile, Africa, Australia, the UK and many other countries. Of course the main market is still within the mainland China.

The Maxus LDV is thing of the past.It proved that poor management which led to crisis and bankruptcy is not unique to the industry. Many great car giants like General Motors USA, Land Rover UK have closed shop in the country of origin but survive and revive after being taken over by a strong and progressive team. Weststar Maxus has learnt from experience and the collaboration with SAIC and our very own internal reorganisation is a step forward to a brighter and more dynamic future.


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