Greetings from the management of Weststar Group of Companies.We are proud to introduce an  interesting new model of Weststar Maxus  and would like  to share with you  the benefits of owning and using this product to further improve  your mobility, comfort, security and  versatility.


New technologies and powerful machine

Weststar Maxus finally has its leading commercial Multi Purpose Vehicle on the road. This stylish and versatile vehicle has many improved features to affirm its leading role as renown international commercial brand and the new technologies being introduced.

New Weststar  Maxus V80 is a Big and Spacious Van that comes in two variants – Medium Roof and High Roof. It also comes with a turbo charger producing 10% more torque (330Nm@ 1800 rpm) than the earlier Maxus model while maintaining low exhaust emission level which complies with Euro 4 standard. Power is supplied by turbocharged 2.5 litre diesel engine producing 136hp @ 3800 rpm.


Friendly Packed Features

 The  monocoque integrated frameless and closed loop construction of Maxus Van produces low noise, vibration and harshness levels and high safety features. You will experience car-like driving and driving comforts.  Low floor clearance and low centre of gravity gives the vehicle greater stability and smooth ride. It also offers other portfolio features to satisfy your demands which include :

  1. Two Roof Height –giving you better head room
  2. Single Left-side sliding door.( Twin sliding doors are coming soon) – for easy access.
  3. Lowest Floor Clearance (only 517 mm) among similar products- suitable and convenient for the young and elderly
  4. Large cabin space –  you will have bigger luggage space for 12 seats van and an ample space for 15 seats van.
  5. Large inner space volume (11.6 cubic meter)- this is true for commercial purpose. Proven by the many mobile applications like Ambulance, Mobile Post Office, Mobile Office, Mobile Kitchen, Broadcasting Unit, Forensic laboratory, Bread Distribution Van, just to mention a few.
  6. Maximum inner height 1.9 m and Width is 1.77 m – Seeing is believing!
  7. Wide side sliding door – You can load wheel chair easily from the side.
  8. Wide rear access door (open at 180 degree) – Ambulances need to have this as pre-requisite. Handicapped person need this feature too for easy access.


Hence, this vehicle not only is powerful and energetic but also friendly and has wider range of  applications liked and loved by people for business and pleasure.


Weststar Maxus Offers Unique Proposition.

Weststar Maxus Limousine Taxi is a new product , although Weststar Maxus Tour Coaches or Mini Buses are already in the market since its introduction a few years back.  The van can easily and comfortably accommodate 15 passengers with ample baggage room at the back. Passengers do not have to squeeze themselves among the baggage. If the van is made to carry 12 pax, luggage can take up 1/4 of the van  and yet, they will find themselves very comforting and relaxing. This is what Maxus is offering you. If you would prefer to carry maximum passengers, Weststar Maxus 15-16 seater is very ideal. Though there are other brands in the market, Maxus unique proposition is comfort, safety first and value for money.

Malaysia is a great heaven of tourism and tourists arrival has been on the increase. Based on the yearly statistics, Malaysia can achieve a Gross National Income of  RM 0.9 billion from the tourism sector alone by year 2020. Transportation industry plays a vital role in this sector. On  average a tourist spends 10% of their expenses on transport. More transport is needed to support the growth of the industry. Tour operators and government departments should take this opportunity, when the cost of owning Maxus Van is considerably low at the moment. Government of the day understands the need of the people and the businessman. Weststar plays it parts by providing a suitable vehicle for transportation. So helping us by buying the van also helps to reduce the  industry shortage of  decent  transport. Similarly government servants can travel in the van with comfort. Good and decent transport  will be highly appreciated by tourists and everyone who want safety and comfortable journey.

The engine is strong and energetic at the same time produces a quiet performance, making the journey car-like driving comforts. We are not exaggerating! The standard  seats are upholstered from a mixture of  fabric and leather or pvc and you can always opt for a better one. For premium standard,  we have full leather to suit VIP taste. You can add on an  in-house entertainment system  to create a live environment and enjoy a pleasant all time happy journey.


Safety is our concern

Maxus V80 is the first and only MPV in China to pass the rollover tests. As compared with the national standard of 35 degree, the Maxus V80 has done at 43 degree.

Maxus V80 has also undergone several crash tests totalling 40 tests  including frontal collision, rear collision, side collision, oblique collision, corner collision, pole collision and several rollover test at 32kmph and 56 kmph. Those tests proved that  Maxus V80 having integrated frameless and closed- loop vehicle body structure plus airbag plus pre-tensioner seatbelts effectively protect passengers in the car during rollover. Other safety protection incorporated in the vehicle include ABS, EBD,BAS and TPMS.


Suitable For Great Many  Applications

The power pack and the dimensions are the critical aspect of the vehicle for  specialised mobile applications. As mentioned you will find this vehicle is most suitable for the kind of  domestic, social, logistic and engineering  work you have in mind. Proven applications include Mobile Post Office, Hospital, Dental Clinics, Broadcasting, Surveillance, Workshop, Fire Fighting & Rescue Support, Mobile Offices, Forensic Laboratory, Local Council Mobile Payment Counter, Cash Delivery, Goods Delivery , Laundry Delivery, Special People Transporter, etc. This vehicle is truly  working, rewarding and satisfying.



After Sales Support

With the appointment of more After Sales Service Dealers and more outlets distribution throughout the country, the company hopes to provide better after sales services. The company main distribution centre located at 366, Jalan Tun Razak is a 3S Centre and all other  32 appointed outlets feature a 1S facility whilst 5 others have 2 S facility. More new outlets are being identified nationwide in anticipation of increased demand and growing population of the Maxus Van.


Flexible Warranty

Our warranty terms are spelled out as below:

Engine, Gearbox, Axles and Air Condition come with 3 years or 100,000 km whichever comes first.


Limitations/ Exclusions :

Tyres   –  60 days or 5,000km whichever comes first (as stipulated by vendors).

Battery            – 6 months or 20,000km from Date of Installation or Purchase, whichever comes first.

Original Maxus V80 Parts – 6 Months or 10,000km whichever comes first.

No Warranty : Serviceable Items include

i)                      Lubricants

ii)                    Replenish of Oils or Fluids

iii)                  Filters

iv)                  Brake Pad

v)                    Clutch Lining

vi)                  Drive Belts

vii)                Upholstery

viii)              Bodywork Cleaning

ix)                  Polishing

x)                    Light Lenses

xi)                  Bulbs and Fuses



Maintenance Services

Service Interval

1st Service –  Free Labour, Parts and Lubricants. 3 months or 5,000km whichever comes first.                   

Subsequent Services are chargeable at every 6 months or 10,000km whichever comes first.

Air Condition Service – 1 year or 30,000km whichever comes first.


For your hassle free maintenance, you may opt to have your vehicle maintained by our team at some minimal cost. We can discuss the details on the contents of the package until you are completely satisfied before you sign up.


Weststar Maxus Distributors (WMD) will not be responsible for any modification on bodywork or electrical system that is done by non-authorised Service Dealers.

Vehicle must be maintained following the Service and Maintenance scheduled by WMD Service Centre or Authorised Service Dealers to avoid Warranty withdrawal.

Terms & Conditions of this Warranty Policy may change without prior notice.


More news from my next article………

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