Features and Advantages of New Weststar Maxus V80

After a long wait, Weststar Maxus V80 finally has its leading commercial Multipurpose Vehicle on the road. This stylish, versatile and reliable vehicle has many improved features to affirm its leading role as renown international commercial brand and the new technologies being introduced.

New Weststar Maxus V80 is a Big and Spacious Van that comes to Malaysia in two variants i.e the Medium Roof and High Roof ( Please refer to my earlier introduction on the models). It also come with a turbocharger producing 10% more torque (330Nm@1800 rpm) than the earlier Maxus model while maintaining low exhaust emission level which complies with Euro 4 standard.

Power is supplied by turbocharged 2.5 Liter diesel engine producing 136 hp@ 3800 rpm. This monocoque construction of Maxus Van produces low noise, vibration and harshness levels. Low floor clearance and low center of gravity gives the vehicle greater stability and smooth ride. It also offers other portfolio features to satisfy your demands which include:
Two Roof Height,
Single and Twin Sliding Side Doors
Lowest Floor Clearance (only 517mm) among similar products
Large Cabin Space
Large Inner Space Volume (11.6 cu m)
Maximum Inner Height (1.9m) and
Higher travel speed of 160 km/hr.(warning: Malaysia traffic regulations allow a maximum speed of 110 km/hr)

Hence this vehicle has wider range of applications to offer, either for business or pleasure.

I would suggest that you also visit SAIC website at http://www.saicmaxus.com to see the many applications the Chinese have done.

To my fellow Malaysian entrepreneurs you will not regret owning this vehicle because the new Maxus V80 is simply the best in its class. Having it maintained regularly, the owning and operating cost will break even in shorter time. We produce quite a number of special vehicles. Weststar Maxus Ambulance, for example, is a specially made single stretcher Ambulance.The interior has been configured based on the MOH (Ministry of Health) Ambulance specification. We can also produce two stretcher version. Nevertheless, it also allows you the freedom to redesign the interior for your local needs.Ambulance Service Providers can now have bigger and reliable Ambulance at much more reasonable price and yet you will never be left behind!.

Similarly, Car Rental and Tours Operators can add to their fleet bigger MPVs or Large Taxis to take advantage of big families by offering them a single vehicle to ferry the whole family and their luggage.Getting them together in a single vehicle is already a plus sign in term of saving the Dollar. Indirectly, big van helps increase bonding between family members and improves family values. They will definitely cherish their moments of togetherness!.

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