Maxus 80

The New Maxus V80 comes with different terminology on vehicle configurations. We used to have configurations like Standard Roof, High Roof and Extra High Roof. Now the Maxus V80 standard configurations comprises of the High Roof and the Extra High Roof which are referred to as Medium Roof and High Roof respectively. The dimensions, however, remain the same.The full line shows the Medium Roof configuration .The dotted line shows the High Roof configuration.

I am very excited about this vehicle so do most of my clients . The new vehicle has more power and torque ,about 12 percent extra than the previous version. With 136 hp (100 kW) and 330 Nm torque, this locally assembled vehicle is the most powerful engine among the 2.5L Tdi van category available in Malaysia .

We offer value added features. This vehicle is not short of good specifications .We exceed what our competitors have. Gross Vehicle Weight of 3500 kg and relatively high payload of between 1290 kg to 1590 kg make it more versatile for varied applications. For light weight to medium and heavy duty tasks, remember us as your mobile solution provider.

If you have business in Johor Bahru or Singapore, do visit our Southern Branch. You can view some on the models in order to appreciate the features we are talking about.

Johor Bahru Satellite Showroom has just started operation at No.4, Jalan Permatang 1, Taman Desa Jaya, 81000 Johor Bahru. Our contact person is En Ismail ( or popular with his nickname ‘AL’ ) HP 016-6216666 and office No. 073515467/073515469. He may be contacted via email at:

Map of Taman Desa Jaya


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