Maxus Van Applications

No doubts when you are looking for a van, you will examine your needs rather than your wants. Next, ask yourself, what you use your van for. Is it for transporting passenger, mobile office, or special purpose? How many people do you need to transport? How much equipment to carry? What kind of special equipment will be fitted in the vehicle? How much space do you need to be available? How big the power of the vehicle. Is manual transmission a hindrance in accomplishing the job? Is it necessary for the vehicle to be at the basement car park? Must it be low roof or extra high roof? Is diesel powered engine eco friendly and fuel saver? Will you get a better warranty or excellent after sales services? These are some questions to keep in mind when you are looking for a new van. Let your needs drive your decision.
You will certainly agree that Weststar Maxus answers all your questions. For your basic understanding, I am giving you a brief description on some of the Maxus applications which you will find it very useful in assisting you making a fast decision.

Parcel & Package Delivery Van

Now you can depend on Weststar Maxus Distributors to provide innovative parcel and package delivery vans to deliver your products to your customers on-time, every time. A Weststar Maxus parcel delivery van offers your drivers easy access to packages and cargo, maximum comfort and safety and a customized cargo area. It has great volume and you can stuff in as many parcels.

Our walk-in van bodies are designed, engineered and custom built to tackle any parcel or package delivery challenge your business might have. You may load your parcels from side doors or rear door.

You may choose from full blind panel for security reason or glass up part of the side walls whatever your choice.

The LWB version of the Maxus has an internal load width of 1770mm and a distance of 1385mm between the wheel arches. The Maxus gross vehicle weight is 3.5 tonne and is capable of carrying a payloads ranging from 917kg to a maximum of 1,616Kg. The van’s maximum interior volume is 11.4m3.

Laundry Van
We can design, engineer and custom build a walk-in van body to tackle laundry, linen, uniform, rug and textile delivery.
A Weststar Maxus laundry or uniform delivery van is custom built for easy accessibility, allowing for easy access for loading and unloading laundry. The cargo area is customized to transport large textiles or rugs. The walk-in van body is designed with maximum driver comfort & safety in mind, which creates more productive and more efficient deliveries.

Wheelchair Van
We offer a custom built fully equipped wheelchair van for senior citizens and people with physical disabilities who require special transporter. Our Van is spacious enough to accommodate two wheelchairs and 4 to 6 passengers with access from rear and side door.

Maxus wheelchair van

Van For the Disabled with simple Sheelchair Platform

Weststar Maxus Van -Passenger Van
The van has become a favourite with Government agencies and numerous other Government Departments, the Military and Police Force services. The van is also a popular model with tour companies. The van provides up to 15 passengers with ample leg space and head room. We offer standard passenger van as well as VIP coach.

Performance wise, Maxus vans are fitted with 2.5 litre CDi common rail, direct injection, turbo charged, intercooled engines, with power rating of 120bhp. The engines are up to scratch and powerful enough for comfortably carting heavy loads onboard. You can be assured of loaded van climbing Genting highland without much problem.

The Maxus offers a great load space with a choice of 2 roof heights 1710mm for the medium roof van and 1925mm for the hi-roof version. Currently we are a Long Wheel Base (LWB) version which is 3850mm long and has an internal load length of 3355mm.
The LWB version of the Maxus has an internal load width of 1770mm and a distance of 1385mm between the wheel arches. The Maxus gross vehicle weight is 3.5 tonne and is capable of carrying a payloads ranging from 917kg to a maximum of 1,616Kg. The van’s maximum interior volume is 11.4m3.

The Maxus 2 man cab area is roomy with a 5 speed gear leaver mounted on the dashboard, which allow unrestricted access across the cab.

Mobile Postal Van

Over 20 units of fully functioning mobile post offices are serving rural communities across the country. A dedicated rural mobile comes fully equipped with everything you would expect to see in your local post office.

Customers make transaction via the side counter. The unit can accommodate up to four adults, 2 in the cab and 2 in the operation office or the counter in the rear. The interior is fully insulated and air conditioned for the comfort of the counter clerk. Customers stand outside on the left side of the vehicle where the counter is located. The vehicle is fitted with extendable awning on the left side to provide shade for customers against sunshine or light rain.

Post van

Security and power provisions are crucial for the service to operate in remote locations. A fully independent inverter system is installed to transfer power from the onboard auxiliary batteries into mains voltage to power the equipment. Based on customer’s specification and requirement, a standby gen set is an equally efficient source of power for static operation. A standby generator set installed in the side of the van. It operates the printer, fax and horizon computer which provides customers with the full range of services available at a ‘normal’ post office.”

A number of covert security features, tinted glazing, security netting and a wide entrance step with secure grab rails are fitted to provide a safe and secure environment for the staff.

To accommodate a seamless service, GSM mobile communication is installed for use in remote locations. Information can then be transferred while at the remote location via a wireless modem and then fully downloaded when the vehicle returns to base, where the auxiliary batteries are recharged overnight.


Weststar Maxus has won over RM 40 million order to supply more than 200 Maxus-based ambulances. Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defence Malaysia have ordered the ambulance to serve as patient transfer vehicles and these specialist vehicles are also widely used by private hospitals and other healthcare providers in Malaysia and Brunei.

Local Ambulance

We built and supply Ambulances type A, B and C based on Malaysian Ministry of Health ambulance specifications. All ambulances have the following fitted or supplied :Emergency and trauma kit (EMTS), foldable wheel chair, spinal board, scoop stretcher, primary stretcher and oxygen tank. This is the basic equipment for Ambulance type C.

For type B you will have additional equipment like oxygen resuscitator, portable suction machine,automated external defibrillator, vital sign transport monitor,immobilization kit, handheld pulse oxymeter and sharp container.
Whilst the type A ambulance has more equipment including portable automatic ventilator, paramedic suite helmet,safety boot, glucometer, triage card and dead body management kit.

Chinese Ambulance

Basically each ambulance has storage cabinets for storage of first aid cases, medical equipment, instruments and supplies. A wash hand basin, paramedic seat and three (3) swivel seats with fold-flat function which can be converted into another temporary additional stretcher.

We also provide dual outlets oxygen pipeline system complete with hose assembly and probe. There is oxygen cylinder (based on specification), single flow meter with fixed probe, single stage regulator and pin index and oxygen adult facemask with 2mm tubing.
A bar light system with long range optical signal, loud acoustic sound, controller, an amplifier PA system siren and speaker, two red probe warning lights at front grille and two red probe warning lights at centre roof side left and right. You may opt other light combination.

Mobile Technologies

We form a smart partnership with few engineering and body building companies who built speciality vehicles for us.

At Weststar we strive to meet our customers needs no matter what the project goals are. We deal with an assortment of Broadcast Trucks and Vans, Mobile Command Vehicles and Trailers, Mobile Satellite Uplink Vehicles, Mobile Offices, Fire and Rescue Support Services, Mobile Laboratories, to name a few.

Moreover, we also construct Security Vehicles and Communication Units. We can design and engineer specialty vehicles to meet your customization needs such as a Mobile Video Display , Mobile Cinema, Mobile Broadcast and Propaganda Unit or even a Mobile Toilet.

School Bus
Weststar Maxus school bus certified by local Road Transport Department to carry 14 sitting and 7 standing students. All seats are forward facing. The van has incorporate optimum safety features to ensure students are not exposed to unnecessary risks.

China Schoolbus

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