Importance of Team Work

There are great challenges in the automotive business. Both the front end and the back end are facing the customers everyday. The After Sales services will have a lot of problems dealing with vehicles and customer’s expectation. All after sales staff need to work together in a very coordinated manner so that they speak in one voice at the same frequency.

All key personnel must work as a team in order to be able to deliver a good result efficiently, effectively and timely. No one can claim credit as after sales must be handled by a group of people and the team will have to manage the customer care holistically.

I pay a lot of interest in the team’s effort because a poor After Sales not only paints a bad image to the company but it also affects the front end business of selling the vehicles. Customers shunt away if they come to know of the bad after sales services, poor workshop management, lack of spare parts and slow delivery of after sales services. Poor after sales service is associated with many customer complaints, repeated come back jobs, unresolved problems, lack of technical trouble shooters, poor mechanics, poor processes and poor communications.

If one goes deeper into the troubled After sales department, the most revealing cause is lack of team work. Team work can be between team own members, between the team and suppliers and team and the management. If these links are not synchronised, the team may not be able to achieve what they want.

A team is a group of two or more persons working with a common purpose and the members work together jointly to produce certain contribution. A highly performing team usually aspire to achieve a certain standard of performance. We can judge whether a team is efficient and effective by looking at the team members behaviour and work ethics. We expect such team members knitted closely together who will help one another to resolve issues and problems. In whatever situation, they are fully committed to their work or assignment , share a common purpose and goals. Very often they focus on collective efforts and make decision collectively.

The team cannot function if they do not trust each other and do not have a sense of urgency. Thus it is very important for them to leverage on each member strength, expertise and experience. As a matter of principle, each team must have a team leader who will set a clear direction. A leader may not be able to manage effectively a big team. Too many team members may not be effective as we often heard the saying “ too many cooks spoilt the brooth”. If you have a big number, it is best to break them up into several teams for different projects. Of course do not deal with issues you are not competent with. An active team leader will conduct regular review meeting with members to fine tune their performance strategies.

According to Henry Ford- “coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”. Similarly if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. Team work is like the coordination of human body if one part of the body feels pain, the whole body will also feel the pain and share the suffering.

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