Maxus Datong Coming Quarter 3

New Logo of Maxus Datong

The top Chinese automaker SAIC Motor Corp said it will launch its first premier light commercial van, the MAXUS Datong, in the second half of this year. Weststar Maxus already dating Maxus Datong and is in collaboration with SAIC. Ironically we have a high target to satisfy our principal and shareholders. At the moment we are collecting orders based on existing and balance of stock that we have. We turned down some orders and some will get defered supply due to our current stock constraint. The good news is that New Maxus is coming in quarter 3..It’s Maxus Datong!

Even before the Chinese started production, we have already calculating how many we are going to sell. Of course we already had a ballpark figure. Right now we are gathering purchase information amidst speculation that Malaysia 14th General Election is coming. We thus expect more vans will be required for various applications by the government and retail owners. Although we haven’t got any opportunity to see how the new van looks like, we can figure out that it may look the same with some changes in interior finishing, new headlamp, tail lamp, improved sliding doors, much more efficient drive train with a selection of optional accessories.

SAIC overall annual commercial capacity is estimated at between 400,000 and 500,000 units by 2015.MAXUS Datong, which was developed based on the technologies acquired from British commercial maker LCD in 2009, will broaden its commercial vehicle portfolio that now includes heavy and light duty trucks and buses. Weststar Maxus will remain as our brand image in Malaysia.Though the van will be manufactured in China, you are rest assured that SAIC will not compromise on quality standard of vehicles they produced.I am comfortable with SAIC because they are leading manufacturer of many branded American and European vehicles.

There will be some CBU units to be used as demonstrators and evaluation units. The public will be able to test drive these new breed of Maxus in early Q3 before we officially open our system for booking.

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