Weststar Maxus Mobile Postal Van

Pos Malaysia is reintroducing its mobile postal service in Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Perak, Sabah and Sarawak beginning this year for the benefit of rural residents as well as the busy civil servants and town folks.
By having the mobile units the public especially those living in remote areas don’t have to travel so far just to buy a few cents of stamps or to renew their motorcycle road tax. Busy civil servants can utilise part of their lunch hour to settle their bills when the mobile unit comes to their place. These services will be made available near you soon.You may contact Pos Malaysia for details.

Pos Malaysia bought a few units of Weststar Maxus Mobile Postal Van last year and 9 more units will be delivered soon. The prototype has been tested and found suited well with the nature of their operation. The mobile service would complement the operations of hundreds of post offices, including mini post offices, in the country. Each unit of the mobile postal service would be handled by two workers. A fully functioning Mobile Post Unit is a dedicated mobile van that comes fully equipped with everything you would expect to see in your local post office.

At this mobile van, customers make transaction via the side counter. The side counter is given an overhead cover to protect customers from direct sunlight and light rainfall. The interior is fully modulated with suitable cabinets, insulated and includes heating and ventilation for the comfort of the counter clerk and admin assistant.

Security and power provisions are crucial for the service to operate in remote locations. So the vehicle is equipped with a fully independent inverter system to transfer power from the onboard auxiliary batteries into mains voltage to power the equipment. This in turn operates the computer which provides customers with the full range of services available at a ‘normal’ post office.” A standby generator is also provided for the system to work independent of the battery. A GSM mobile communication and a wireless modem are also fitted to transfer information to the base. So they are able to conduct online transaction because of the satellite connectivity. The vehicle is also fitted with other security features, tinted glazing, wide entrance with step, and steel guard.

These mobile Pos Unit or Pos-on-Wheels are scheduled to go to several places within a day. Pos Malaysia will provide the time table. Its services are similar to those of a normal post office, such as purchase of stamps, money order and postal order, payment of bills, international money transfer, renewal of road tax and driving licence. Pos Malaysia will need more of this type of mobile postal van in near future.

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