Weststar Group is a young enterprising company. The funny thing is that when I first got the opportunity to work with this company, I was really deserted because I was left alone and I did not get my job description even after I was confirmed in the job. Nobody cares. I was not sure what has gone wrong with me. So I was sort of happy-go-lucky moth and butterfly. I did what I was supposed to do. It was however beautiful indeed because it reminded me of those days I spend so much time at the Karaoke lounge surrounded by sexy and topless girls. Friends looked for me because they wanted a company. Everyone knew me, right from the girls, bar tenders, mummy, the bouncers, the security guard, the washroom cleaners and those outside the circle. Now I am new and have to look for friends. The atmosphere at workplace was tense as everyone was by themselves. What more can I say? It was a true experience! Only months later that I got the answers. People work in silos, poor communications and attitude towards others.
Basically, I think the guys here are lack of motivation, lack of encouragement and lack of training.

Over the past few years, the management had picked up substantial number of staff. Being human and rules are man-made, we can’t avoid getting some bad apples and torn among roses. I guess the HR has to work harder to iron out creases and filter down and out unwanted elements. Going forward towards a lean organization, this is among the many challenges HR has to tackle. Proverb says “sometimes you must be cruel to be kind”. Stick to this and you have one job done. Sometimes we must be very firm to get things done or we will be seen to be very weak or simply hypocrite.

Weststar LDV aims to become a profitable preferred supplier of Maxus Van to the Malaysian Government and a first brand of choice by the customers when considering purchasing premium Van. That goes well with our tagline: “Built by Professional for Professional”. We are not just a local player. We are going out regionally searching for more business and committed partners especially in the Asian and the Gulf Corporation Councils Countries. With full support from the shareholders, we are overwhelmingly positive able to set foot there in the next 2 years. We expect everyone to come forward and make contribution in any possible way.

When the original Maxus factory in the UK closed down, the whole operation moved to Shanghai, China. According to standard production schedule, new van stocks are only available within 18 months. Even before production, consumers traded worries and all kinds of perceptions on the new China made products. Our job is to help keep close track of the new operations and mitigate against the negative remarks and uncertainties. While waiting for the birth of new van, complimentary activities are planned to sustain not only hungered salesmen but the company as a whole. Today’s customers are demanding way beyond what they have ever demanded before. They force us to think, to make us plan new strategies to compete and win. Literally customers have thousands of choices out there so we must act fast and make decision before our competitors. As far as Weststar is concern, we are quick to implement a new strategy that’s why some products keep moving, however slow, through our yard and warehouse. The company is under the pressure of stock shortages. However, despite such significant disruptions, our businesses continued to operate. We do have a lot of pressures to contend with, but we still have orders to fill and customers to keep happy and delighted. We have to inject bold ideas to drive the business forward. We have to make drastic improvement to cover losses during the lull 18 month time. What strategies are we going to adopt? Read more in next series.

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