You make it Worse Like Rat Repairs Pumpkin

Rat likes rubbish, dirty thing and left over food.Rat will sneaks in quietly when there is no one around. Being nocturnal, it is active during that time where no one disturbs it. Here I am not comparing people with the rat. Excuse me! I am not that wicked and mean..Local proverb says ” Like rats repairing pumpkin” carries a behavioral meaning in its true sense.Pumpkin inner flesh is spongy-like either when it is fresh or dried. So rat makes a hole in it and at the same time eats it up.It’s not making it good but actually spoils it.That’s the meaning of the proverb.

When a guy is given a job and he is not very certain about what he is doing, he will end up aggravating the situation.He makes it worse.Some time people behave as though he knows better and never ever want to share his ideas or seeks ideas from others resulting in more damage.Sharing of ideas could filter some ‘bad elements’ and damages can verily be controlled.Exercising a ‘veto’ power is harsh and brutal and perceived very unilateral.As always the implication is negative and thing may becomes worse.

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