Weststar at IDEX 2011 Abu Dhabi

Weststar made its presence at this year International Defense Exhibition in Abu Dhabi ,UAE. That was our first ever participation in international exhibition outside of Malaysia.Backed up by the Malaysian Industry Council for Defence Enforcement and Security, there were 7 companies teamed up under the Malaysian Pavillion to tell the world that we have many great products for military applications.

Weststar is the main distributor of Weststar Maxus Van for Asean and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries so our mission was to provide as much awareness as possible about the products. Though the van is not specifically a military platform, it would be useful for other industries. Our 4×4 Tactical Vehicle and vans equally suited well in Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Overall the show has given the much needed exposure and it could have been better if a physical product was made available than just a piece of poster and a leaflet.

Going forward , Dubai itself offers a very competitive business environment. There are many world standard body builders with whom we may collaborate and make Dubai as our transit point or middle east hub for export market.

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