Weststar Offers Practically Lowcost Alternative To Weapon Carrier

GkM1GkM1 Weststar Group Malaysia will never rest on its laurel. The Special project team is dedicated in providing and developing solutions to its customers’ requirement. Changes in combat operational requirements coupled with budget constraints has driven the team to create new opportunity in assisting the military by providing alternative solution to their combat requirement.
There is a growing need by our rapid reaction forces for a highly mobile weapon platform with versatile fire power which is effective and cost effective. So, the GKM1 Weapon Platform was specifically developed for this purpose. It is developed on commonly available platform with robust powerful and efficient power train. It is configured to carry an optimum range of weapons and 4 crews depending on customer’s requirement. It is designed to carry a 7.62mm GPMG and 0.5 machine gun and incorporate safety features like rollover superstructure and safety harnesses . It has ample space for stowages of ammunition and grenades and other soldier’s kit.
The GKM1 combines many of the key attributes of the Vamtac or other weapon platform or the light strike vehicle with the reliability of a proven 4×4 and off the shelf military platform.
Available in manual and auto transmission, the developed model is adopted for global military purposes and for inhouse military training.
The most important aspect of this vehicle is availability of aftersales support particularly spare parts. Its common parts and commercially availability is a plus features.

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