The Power of Brand.Has ‘Weststar’ an Emotional Value?

Maxus LDV has been in the market for some time.The tagline “Built by professional For Professional” is synonymous to the once a british iconic van. It is just not a marketing gimmick but a true reflection of the people and the product they represent. Many Malaysians however tried to equate the LDV with the problematic Ford Transit. Others who are familiar with Leyland trucks and buses might think it is another new Leyland.The next possible question is “what is and how professional is the professional?”.

Weststar LDV Sdn Bhd incorporated the new brand name and the name of the vehicle as a new entity and it became the marketer for the product in Malaysia and this Asian part of the world. Being Asian, the perception towards a British product by the larger masses is always at stake for one reason or another. The management decision to use “Weststar” as the brand name was really a brilliant idea. Not only the word sounds international but it is seen as an international brand. Professional brand is what matters to the company.To be different they need to create a product distinction. Being able to blend in with the crowd projects a positive image thus successfully bringing it faster into the market.

Now ‘Weststar’ is well-known in Malaysia.It represents both the Company and the product. I think Weststar has a long way to go but if the company consistently reinforce and build the brand with excellent customers experience, it will have a strong emotional value which then able to develop a loyal customer base. This is what triggers our customers’ mind and rationalise purchases. At one time Colgate was a household name even though consumers used White Lion, they still mentioned it as Colgate. Similarly Volvo and safety has become synonymous and it strategically built it brand around safety.So was Land Rover as the toughest off-road vehicle, that average person just refer all 4×4 as land rover. KFC has its magic attraction with “fingures lickin’ good” and Air Asia built its brand as the world low-cost airline with tagline ‘now everyone can fly’. In short, to build a strong brand Weststar needs to manage the customer’s perception about its services.

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