Maxus Going Strong In Years To Come

The year 2010 is generally an excellent year for Weststar because we managed to forward sell all our stock.The demand has been so overwhelming and we even need to cool down some customers who have been waiting for loan or internal budget approval and suddenly realised there is no more vehicles for them.

For the second half of this year we secured orders for over 200 units and 90 percent of the orders are specialised application vehicles ranging from mobile labs, clinic, broadcasting, offices to ambulances. These applications are trendy due to the vehicle’s extra spacious internal volume coupled with its good design and excellent powerpack. Our Maxus’s tag line ‘built by professional for professional’ suit well and Maxus is going stronger by each day.

By now the van has over 20 kinds of applications and those who have used the van simply can’t resist having the same model to add up to their fleet.Our engineers are designing more applications and with our very competitive price, it is worth your money investing in Maxus for comfort, practicality and efficiency.

New models of Maxus are in the making. Not merely facelifts, Maxus will have new, friendly and security features incorporated. We never compromise on quality and for reason we are now beefing up our aftersales team, restructuring the team to be more customer oriented, reviewing all our service dealers and aftersales locations, extending more training for them and our own sales team so that they are technically competent.Maxus is going strong in all areas -sales and aftersales and customer service.

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