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Hi there!,

I have left the company in August 2017. I forgot that Westpro’s Blog is still there unattended. When the pandemic Corona Virus hit the country and the world, and we are restricted by staying at home, I suddenly find so much time to revisit all my blogs, Westpro is one of them.

I must say goodbye to everybody. Now, I need to be with my family and enjoy our little precious time left.

I may leave the site there for some indefinite time if the contents can serve some useful purpose.

Please contact the relevant person, Mr Ismail Yusri, if you need some help on the products. Or you may communicate direct with the CEO, Dato’ Ir. Mohd Nasser.


Zyed Ahmad
19 April, 2020.

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Business Evolution For Sustainable Growth

Text : Zyed Ahmad

The problems most companies are facing are poor financial management, poor attitude of employees and to some extend the owners or employer and lack of proper system and processes. Where shareholders are not well versed in corporate governance and overall management it is difficult to make them really understand that companies under their board of directorship need changes and evolution for sustainable growth.

Rule No.1 :Boss is always right. Rule no.2: If the boss is not right, refer to rule no 1

Get Rid of ‘Wild Ghost-Nut’ and ‘Polisher’

Some CEOs live on hypocrisy and sweet talk. These people  work less, they pretend to be working so hard, putting up rosy pictures of all bad situations, hide weaknesses and present only ‘good things ‘ the boss wants to listen. They just enjoy their lives at the expense of the company. In the Malaysian context of office politics we have the term like ‘polishing’. Polish means ‘to smooth ; to perfect; to remove flaws from…’ In these particular phenomena, polishing has bad intention of gaining personal support for self or group interest and benefits. The worst part is that employer or the boss most often succumb to such people  without prejudice. Why these non professional characters prevalent in our society?

free volunteer

Weakness of the employer or the boss who refuses to listen to others is rampant in Malaysian business environment.. Perhaps the boss has not come across the moment of truth and quite certainly due to lack of corporate governance. If past obligations are the hindering factor in taking action against this character, the company will have to suffer a great continuous liability. Present market forces are dynamic in nature. Market forces also determine the sustainability of the company. Maintaining a good corporate image and credibility of the shareholders and the entire management is more important than looking after the interest and feeling of a non productive ‘polisher’ or the ‘ghost-nut’. If employer keeps closing their eyes on such despicable act, certainly at the end of the day, other employees would not ask the employer but themselves; who are we? Realizing that they are just employees and get paid for doing their jobs, the following remark is not uncommon . ‘ So why must we bother?’. When this perception exist among employees, you will see that their existence is  for the sake of personal survival and sooner or later more star performers will leave the company except those who want to share what others have been enjoying rightfully or not and those who are not confident of getting a better job elsewhere.

Boss’s image


Customer Care and Staff Care Equally Important

Customer’s trend these days has changed. Customer’s expectation has also rocketed sky-high fuelled by more advance technology quality compliance and fast lifestyle. Demand for good and fast services will result in more complaints if they are not attended to professionally. All these call for professional managers, proactive staff, hands on technicians, creative brains and supportive and friendly front liners. They are to be supported and led by a good boss who is a good listener, practices good management and provides good and practical systems. Staff welfare and performance become compulsory to be regularly checked

Driver of Change

The boss is the driver of change. He has to look at the new economy, the present set of customers and the present way of thinking of the staff and the customers. The same good old pattern of doing business may not be applicable now because time and circumstances have changed them. Tested solutions for yesterday may have become obsolete today.


Boss is the best driver of change


How to Sustain Growth

After the recent global crisis, business has become more challenging and competitive. How can a company survives in the current situation? I am engaged in local automotive industry. Under pressure for volume and higher PBIT, focusing on local business alone won’t take us anywhere. So we need to change, we need to be strong and be a dominant player. The business needs to evolve. The management has to tune, in the mind of everyone staff that we are big and strong! We are not just local player but also a dominant regional player.   Concrete actions follow after this. One thing to bear in mind that bigger is better but bigger does not necessarily guarantee greater efficiency. Company also needs to identify new source of internal energy, preferably from the existing pool of human capital, to push the business beyond the boundary.

One of our products will be manufactured in China. There will be sceptism on quality issue. Informative education on innovativeness of the Chinese, our smart partnership and collaboration must be clearly presented to make our customers understand better. To sustain in this competitive world it is necessary to have positive mindset and new transformation plan, blue ocean strategies and more innovative people, product and service offerings.

economic growth 2017

Sample -economic performance

We need to mobilize all employees in a more efficient and effective and systematic manner. Though it takes money to make more money and to grow a business, the company has to balance up capital assets and human capital development. The company must evolve to sustain a positive growth.


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Build Your Team

I have officially worked for 36 years, plus 3 years of kangaroo-style shift work. The time has come for me to retire for good. Let the younger guys take over our job. Remember no one is indispensable and no mission is mission impossible. People had gone to the moon, many more had reached the peak of  the highest mountain. Gone and walked to the North Pole is nothing new,  cycled around the world  is the thing of the past, so many miraculous things have become not so  extraordinary. I had built  excellent team before, in previous company with good characters and values.   I am confident  that GK  can run an extraordinary good business if they can assemble  a dedicated  team players.

The  world of business has evolved  from small groups into  big groups and highly competitive. People in business want more than just to win for winning’s sake. They want a bigger achievement, bigger victory than just beating the competitors, bigger margin, high integrity and pride. GK has that challenge.

Company and the bosses will not go very far without their  dedicated  team of  workers. Treating your valued staff like  foot soldiers who only follow or taking  orders but never think can be disastrous. Remember, technology has changed the way we do business. Management will require a horizontal structure. Adopt a  lateral system where bosses are  close to the person carrying out the decision.

Creating several  small specialized creative and innovative groups with some kind of authority and empowerment is the way to go while maintaining the same common goals. Let them think independently and creatively within agreed standard of values. Set up a good monitoring system so that everything falls nicely in place.  Ultimately bosses will build great teams, excellent characters  and extraordinary business.





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Armed Forces and Security Need More Light Special Force Vehicles

Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan

With threat from IS, ISIS or DAESH, whatever terms used, in insurgent activities, the Armed Forces and the Police have spurred the requirements for reliable vehicles which can be deployed anywhere, anytime quickly across the whole country. Our country topography more of tropical rain forest is such that the armed forces and the police and other defense and security agencies need a reliable, hard-wearing , quick deployment light 4×4 vehicles. Under present circumstances ,  6×6 and 8×8 are only suitable for specific applications.

We have suitable Special Operation Vehicle (SOV)   model with LSFV design  concept. Basic open top version has been tested. With further improvement under development, it may become the icon for LSFV usage in the future. Our concept goes in making it simple in design, available in short time period, plenty of spares and easily available, quick repairs by any tradesman, little or no special tools and can be driven without complex training.

Advantages of the vehicle include the use of standard commercial engine, top speed 120km/hr, high torque for Malaysia’s terrain and also suitable for counter insurgency duties locally and abroad UN mission, equipped with facilities for light, medium and heavy machine guns, cable cutter and payload up to 1500 kg. The design is air transportable by Chinook helicopter or equivalent. The country requirement does not spell out armoring and ballistic protection,though.

There are many competitive models of heavy duty versions but only few light duty in production. France has Renault Trucks Defense  LSFV and ACMAT. More interesting Open Top Vehicle come from Austria Valentin Tusch Hunter Open Tactical Vehicle which use Mitsubishi Pajero Sport commercial platform. With fitting and weapon capability facilities the same, this vehicle has extra like NATO/STANAG Level 1 ballistic protection, floating chambers for amphibious operation, anti-spall and anti -blast seat. These  are options, anyway.

Countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei  and other Asean nations  may have their specific needs. US  is popular with Polaris MRZR –D4 4×4. This light tactical vehicles  has versatile design  and I guess  the most suitable of all light 4×4 . In US  Polaris  MRZR D4 is mostly used by the US Marine Corps. In terms of after sales , as I mentioned above, the authority has to look into the economic aspect. Although it is right to say that ‘you pay the price to get quality’, if it is a one off purchase and you then not able to maintain them economically, it become   a lifetime liability. There is a need to change for a better  defense and security assets within context of our own capability.

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Konsep Pembelian Van

Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan

Perkhimatan Van di Malaysia kini telah bertambah baik walaupun jumlah keseluruhan van yang dipasarkan di Malaysia hanya sekitar 5000 unit setahun. Terdapat pelbagai jenis van dan keupayaan pembekal…

Source: Konsep Pembelian Van

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Global Komited Leapfrogged to New Height

Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan

Ever thought of getting you special automotive applications done under the same roof? Global Komited offer you a solution from budget planning for your end product, design, fabrication, installation and commissioning. A pool of talented mechanical, electrical, design engineers and quality assurance personnel is ready to work through your requirement.

Scope of business include marketing and sales of commercial and specialized vehicles, equipment, accessories,and spare parts.The core activity is dedicated to  engineering design of special applications besides providing  technical development, assembly, system integration, specifications and after sales services.

Global Komited is a new ,young and vibrant company. Nevertheless,  it has a supply track record of a variety of specialized vehicles. If 6 years is considered too short to acclaim a success factor, look at what  it has produced and benefited the industry particularly the public sector.

I have been involved in this public sector  for some time and you will appreciate the work done has crossed beyond marketing our own product, the Maxus V80 Van. Customers have gained absolutely different experience when they decided to buy our Isuzu DMax 4×4 Ambulance and Toyota Hilux 4×4 Ambulance, Toyota and Isuzu General Service Cargo. More interestingly, specialized vehicles using Maxus platform have gained wide acceptance in the Malaysian  market include Special Fire Investigation Vehicle, Breathing Apparatus Tender Vehicle, Rapid Rescue Vehicle,Mobile Police Station, Mobile Counters for Governments Statutory Bodies and Private Enterprises, Mobile Services,VIP Van, Hearse Van,Special Forces Van, Mobile Cash Transit, Armored Security Van, Mobile Clinic, Mobile Office, Broadcasting Van, Handicap Carrier Van, Command  and Surveillance Vehicle and Testing and Inspection Vehicle, just to mention a few.

In the Defense Security and Enforcement Industry, Global Komited have satisfactorily gained access through supply of Gun Tower, Weapon Platform, Aircraft Forward Recovery, Fitted For Radio( FFR), Starstreak Missile  and Armored Personnel Carriers,promoting commercial of the shelf Toyota Chassis.

Our network has also put into service Isuzu  General Service Cargo in the Police and Military Forces.Now the total supply is reaching 300 units and few hundreds more units are going into the service towards the end of the year. Not only that Global Komited has gone beyond the supply of Maxus Van in Malaysia, it has gained footing in supply of military vehicles to the neighbouring countries…more stories in the next article.

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Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan

Photo: GK Gallery

Most readers knew about Weststar but little exposure about Global Komited. In the earlier part I did mentioned about Global Komited Sdn Bhd. Perhaps in the next few articles I will give readers more insights about this company which had already been in the Weststar Group for as long as the Group exists.

global komited

Global Komited focus on government supplies of basic and application vehicles , mainly automotive based. However, the company has made inroads into other diversified fields due to demand and current competitive business environment. Opportunities come when they are least expected and the company is able to handle and manage it well. As always marketing and good relations play a prominent role in securing such a deal.

Progress made by the company in the defense and security sector is highly commendable and more foreign partners are interested in making collaboration to tap on the great business potentials.Political chaos, if I can say, created opportunities for some and damage businesses for others. Global Komited dream of becoming a new infuencial player. Follow me in the next article.

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Maxus V80 Integrated Unibody for Safety and Stability

Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan

Photo: Weststar Brochure

In early days almost every motor vehicle had a frame. As technology advances cars migrated to unibody construction. Most of us are familiar with the ladder frame chassis construction as it is associated with strength. That is also my old school of thought and it is also the simplest and oldest of all designs. It consists merely of two symmetrical rails, or beams connected by cross members. A very good classical example is the Land Rover. The ladder frame was gradually phased out in favour of perimeter frames and unibody.

Let‘s us have a look at the unibody. Why Maxus Van and many other motor vehicles are using unibody construction is some thing we should understand and care about. Unibody is by far the most common design in use today. To make it simple, unibody is a type of vehicle body construction in which the frame and body are a single unit or single moulded unit. The vehicle’s integral floor pan forms the vehicle’s underside and it is also the main structural element to which the mechanical components are attached. This design makes the vehicle overall weight lighter and is the basis for virtually all passenger cars. Maxus V80 uses this proven technology of passenger cars to achieve greater control, car-like driving and riding comfort and hence greater driving performance.

Unibody cars generally have a front sub frame that holds the engine and front suspension and a rear sub frame that holds the rear suspension. These sub frames are in fact sub-assemblies that bolt to the vehicle’s chassis, and those sub-assemblies act as major supporting members in the chassis.

Maxus body is described as monocoque with an integrated sub frame. That refers to the same subject of unibody we are talking about. Monocoque is the term used in Europe and in the US, it is referred to as unibody. In monocoque or unibody construction the structural members around the window and door frames are strengthened by folding the metal several times. In some other models, they use layers of carbon fibre.

Look at the pictures below. They explain the meaning of monocoque or uni body.
Maxus monocoque body

monocoque 2

One disadvantage about monocoque body is that repair time of the body after accidents takes longer time because the body would require straightening by specialists.
On the other hand, unibody vehicles use high tensile strength but light weight materials for construction of its body. This results in greater driving efficiency and lower fuel consumption. That sounds real great for this size of van as compared to other vans in the same class or category. Unibody also offers high resistant to torsional flexing giving it a high level of cornering and driving stability and hence a non- compromising handling and road grip.

On safety aspect Maxus has good crumple zone to protect the occupants and hence lowering rate of deaths and serious injuries. The Maxus V80 has also been subjected to collision crash tests for several times and it passed the European Commercial Vehicle Collision Standard.

Thus the Maxus integrated unibody structure provides high rigidity ,high intensity body to enhance comfort and to protect the passengers effectively. With this integrated frameless monocoque body design, it minimises injury to passengers during crash, collision and roll-over.
Those wanted to buy large van, give these features in Maxus due consideration and you can have a good night sleep.

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Weststar Maxus Nato Stock Number YA866

Text: Zyed Ahmad Hassan

I have been in Jakarta for holidays and played few round of golf in Surabaya.I certainly not going there for a vacation this time. I will miss a lot of things..but there is always another time. Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta is just a 2-hour flight and now the flight is affordable that everyone can fly.

My new message today is about Indo Defence 2012. Indo Defence 2012 is just around the corner. It is to be held at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta.For your information, this is Indonesia’s No.1 Tri Services Defence, Aerospace and Marine Industry Event. The organiser incorporates aerospace and maritime this time around because I think Indonesia wants to showcase some of the new products they are buying like the Submarine, German tanks and etc. Just like Malaysian DSA ,the Indo Defence is held every 2 years and this is the 5th event, where it first started in 2004.

The event is expected to attract 500 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and over 20,000 delegates and trade visitors.

Weststar will display its new Maxus V80. Our Nato Stock Code No is YA866. Though it is not a full military product, Indo Defence is a good platform to tell the world and especially visitors from Asian that we have this also defence-related product for their domestic use.Being in the big capacity van category, potential users will find this van very useful in many areas of work and activities including military applications.Back in Malaysia , Weststar has supplied to the Malaysian Army hundreds of Maxus Personal Transporters, Maxus Ambulances, and Maxus Surveillance Units.

This special event in Jakarta presents an ideal opportunity to the public and the military to enter into collaboration and joint ventures with us to market the product in their respective areas. If you read this article, if you are curious about Maxus V80 and if you are there, drop-by at our Booth A044. Let us chat, talk and discuss your needs. We will be in a win-win situation.See you there.

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Maxus V80 A Great Transformation

The Maxus V80 is generally a new product, transformed from the battered LDV to greatly improved technologies. I have observed the new Van with interest and some of the tour guys who had added to their fleet this new Maxus V80 will agree with me. So far it performs very well and none of those issues they had if any, in the LDV, arise here in the Maxus V80.

In reality we have several types of people-users. Those who strongly support the product and the company program and those who strongly object. People with positive attitude will offer or find solutions to the problems and those with negative mindset and strong objections will always find ways to condemn or penalize the product or the other party. The ones on the fence are the non decisive people who do not have concrete goals and have poor planning about their future.

People do not buy certain product for one or several reasons.We have to respect their decision because the buying power is in their hands.Justification to buy is the prerogative of the buyer.What stop people from buying a product known to be versatile, practical and value for money? Honestly ,the salesman and the entire management of the company who sell the product can answer this question without any doubts.

In fact I have reasoned out at great length in my earlier article. If the management takes this issue lightly and treats it as trivial matters, they will have a long way to satisfy the customers. Implementing CRM and other transformation programs without proper monitoring does not mean anything. I came across many incidences where the staff of a company implementing the program called me (as customer) but gave up upon failure to communicate on first attempt. She or anybody else from the company abandon the follow-up.

My question. Are our clients haunted by past bad experience? Are they poor maintenance service, poor customer service, lack of spare parts, unskilled mechanics, or simply a hostile encounter or bad moment of truth!.Then, what have we done about it? Customers are counting the days when their wishes and expectations can be met by the company, before they come back.This is real because customers want the product and services they buy worth every cent of their money.

I hope you do not generalise the Maxus as a bad product. There are many good things about the Maxus over the few bad things people like to talk about.Man generally capture a lot of stories and images and the bad ones will stay longer in the mind than the beautiful ones.So it is no surprise that people keep on talking about the negatives and continue bashing the principal and the product without giving them a single credit.

Over the past one year, a lot of money has been spent on R&D to upgrade the machine.The transfer of technology from Britain and Italy to China had already a very powerful, positive and significant impact on the product in the global market. You can now see the products going strong and steady in Chile, Africa, Australia, the UK and many other countries. Of course the main market is still within the mainland China.

The Maxus LDV is thing of the past.It proved that poor management which led to crisis and bankruptcy is not unique to the industry. Many great car giants like General Motors USA, Land Rover UK have closed shop in the country of origin but survive and revive after being taken over by a strong and progressive team. Weststar Maxus has learnt from experience and the collaboration with SAIC and our very own internal reorganisation is a step forward to a brighter and more dynamic future.

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